Demystifying Smoke from Wildfire Risk with Tim Greene of Verisk

On this episode of Conversations on the Creek, Zach May fills in as host to chat with Tim Greene of Verisk about wildfire risk and the role of smoke damage, and how advances in new data sources can help insurers better manage the risk.

The show kicks off with Tim recapping the past couple of years of wildfire trends.

From there, they delve more specifically into the role of smoke damage, including its financial impact during claims. Tim also shares his thoughts on what homeowners can do to protect themselves from smoke damage and how insurers can work more closely with their policyholders to mitigate potential losses.

Next, the conversation turns towards discussing new approaches to leveraging data to better assess smoke damage and utilizing it to make predictions of future losses.

Finally, the episode wraps up with Tim providing his own predictions of wildfire risk for the remainder of 2023.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to the 2023 Canadian wildfires, where smoke has been affecting air quality across a large portion of the U.S. Learn more about our partnership and integrations with Verisk by visiting

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