Risk Control Technologies

RCT is the leading loss control software provider to insurance companies in North America.

RCT is the leading loss control software provider to insurance companies in North America. We’re focused on helping underwriters and loss control teams capture risk data from their insureds and other sources to improve loss ratios, strengthen customer engagements and drive operational efficiencies. RCT’s customers include a wide range of insurance organizations, operating across a variety of lines of business. For more information, visit www.riskcontroltech.com

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  • RCT provides a true product approach to risk control. RCT provides customers a highly functional system, combined with a highly flexible business configuration engine, allowing customers to adapt their business needs quickly without custom coding and not requiring IT support. Changes to the system can be done through user friendly business screens by non-technical users. This results in a quick time to value, risk-free implementation while also enabling users to be flexible and agile to changing business needs. Additionally, this approach enables RCT to continue evolving their solution with new features and functionalities and roll new system upgrades to clients seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • RCT prides itself on the ability to get you up and running smoothly and quickly, with an average implementation time of 3.5 months. The agile methodology of their implementation gives organizations the opportunity to adopt RCT with minimal need for IT, focusing on end users and system administrators to configure the system to your needs. RCT knows the importance of time-to-value and predictable costs, as any new project must fit into the ever-changing availability of budget and resources. At RCT, everything related to implementation, training, configuration, support, and even future upgrades are included in the cost of the system. Implementing new software can be stressful, so RCT has dedicated their efforts to making it stress and risk free.
  • RCT’s customer support services are there to assist you during your entire implementation and will continue to support you once you are up running on your own. RCT will partner you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will support you through the life of our partnership together, ensuring your questions or concerns are not only answered, but responded to in a timely manner. This has led RCT to receive an industry leading Customer Support Satisfaction score of 97%. It reflects the trust and satisfaction our customers have in us, along with the customer services that are available to them.
  • RCT delivers operational efficiency and workflow automation to enable straight through processing for the entire Loss Control workflow. This is achieved through a wide range of process and task management automatizations, capturing all risk data in a single pane of glass, resource distribution and more. RCT also enables seamless integration with Underwriting, not only saving both teams time and valuable resources, but increasing overall collaboration and effectiveness.
  • RCT offers a comprehensive multichannel loss control solution, setting itself apart in the current market. It equips Loss Control teams with a range of practical tools to engage clients effectively, ensuring organized and standardized data collection for data integrity.
  • Mobile App Convenience: RCT provides a user-friendly mobile application compatible with major operating systems like iOS, Android, and Microsoft. This enables consultants to gather data efficiently, minimizing redundant data entry. Additionally, consultants can work offline, reducing disruptions to their workflow when internet access is unavailable.
  • Virtual Video Surveys: RCT introduces a virtual video survey feature, allowing consultants to conduct live surveys remotely. This means consultants can guide insured individuals through surveys using a secure link on their mobile devices. This approach improves efficiency by saving time and resources compared to in-person visits.
  • E-Survey Option: The E-Survey tool within RCT empowers consultants to connect with their entire customer base by deploying surveys through the platform. As policyholders respond, the system generates risk scores, providing valuable insights to both loss control and underwriting teams. Configurable rules and triggers help consultants identify high-risk accounts while expediting low-risk ones for underwriting.
  • RCT is the leader in loss control software solutions, with over 150 customers and 10 years in the space. This experience allows RCT to combine insights and innovations from a wide variety of customers, delivering solutions that elevate almost all types of insurance organizations, operating in virtually all lines of business.
  • RCT combines a unique blend of industry and technological expertise to provide not only cutting-edge technology – but solutions that solve the challenges of today’s insurers.