Kimberly Dornisch

Owner and Principal

KimberlyLynnConsulting, LLC

Kimberly Dornisch, PMP, has spent her 25+ year career leading transformational organizational and technology change for many insurance and financial services companies as a program manager and as a C-level executive.  She has now taken this extensive knowledge and experience combined with her acute listening and drawing skills to create a unique offering for business and technology teams as a Team Engagement Expert.  Utilizing visual representations during team meetings – whether they be strategic visioning, problem solving, team-building, or delivery planning – strengthens the overall team engagement through deeper meaning, clarity, collaboration, connectedness, and overall understanding, facilitating quicker decisions that stick, connections that matter, and the ability to create consistency of communication and buy-in.

Visualizing the team’s discussion and capturing the spoken and written word in universal pictures and icons eliminates semantic confusion and ensures common meaning.  Plus, pictures are fun and colorful and increase the ability to remember the discussion better than meeting notes that no one will read!  Contact her at if you are interested in utilizing this technique to Make Meetings Matter!