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Veruna Taps Duck Creek Technologies to Transform Download Processing

January 3, 2017
Next-generation agency solutions provider will use Duck Creek’s AgencyConnect® to create new ACORD XML-based download functionality

BOSTON, Jan. 3, 2017 – Duck Creek Technologies announced today that Veruna, an open platform agency management solution provider and consultant, has selected the AgencyConnect Integration Kit to convert policy and direct bill commission statement downloads from AL3 into ACORD XML for use in its revolutionary Veruna AMR agency management system.

AgencyConnect (one of several new solutions offered by Duck Creek with the acquisition of Agencyport Software) has long led the industry as a conversion interface between agency management systems and real-time rating systems for insurance companies’ processing of new business intake, offering carriers:

  • A single entry point to any agency interface transaction including upload, bridging, and real-time rating
  • Seamless plugin to leading export services including TransactNOW, Transformation Station, PL Rater, and others
  • Mappings and transformations from various data formats to a single, accurate and consistent input/output ACORD XML data stream
  • Advanced data handling capabilities including normalization, validation, and real-time corrections
  • A robust toolset to handle all integration, mapping and orchestration configuration
  • Data routing based on content and definition
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use interface to manage gap analysis when downstream systems can’t

Veruna will apply these capabilities to convert the antiquated AL3 download format into the more robust ACORD XML—the foundation of its Veruna AMR solution.

“Agents are increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with traditional upload and download capabilities,” said Jai Mistry, principal solutions architect at Veruna. “Improving the customer experience for agents is a critical step toward increasing sales and agency retention. By translating download data into XML, opportunities to leverage that policy information open up exponentially.”

“The standard across the industry today is XML—except for download,” said Curt Stevenson, chief digital officer at Duck Creek Technologies. “Unfortunately, almost all downloads from carrier systems are currently distributed to agency management systems in AL3, an archaic and very limiting file format. XML is much friendlier, flexible, open, and well-suited for contemporary agency management systems, apps, and other integrations.”

Veruna AMR delivers a best-of-breed user experience based on the actual needs of insurance agents. With a natively mobile interface, open platform and the power to customize functionality, Veruna AMR provides unprecedented control with agency management technology that powers growth for the modern insurance agency.

Complementing Duck Creek’s current suite of leading core offerings, AgencyConnect is one of four new solutions that focus on providing intuitive, digital experiences between P&C carriers and their agents, brokers, consumers, and policyholders—anytime, anywhere and from any device. The newly added digital products also include AgencyPortal®, Turnstile®, and BookSmart®.

About Duck Creek Technologies
Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive P&C insurance software and services for insurers of all sizes worldwide. Employing progressive technology, Duck Creek solutions enable insurers to optimize outcomes and enhance engagement through advanced digital and data capabilities and integrated functionality that can be delivered via the cloud or on-premise. For more information, visit

About Veruna
Veruna is the result of years of frustration with “good enough” insurance industry technology. With both its new agency management solution built on the Salesforce platform and its leading consultancy services, Veruna is the first agency management system provider to offer an AMS designed to meet the needs of the modern insurance agency through true customization and integration. Veruna is challenging independent insurance agents to walk away from the status quo and embrace change. Veruna is committed to enabling independent agencies to grow their business by changing the way they do business. For more information, visit

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