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Swansong for the London market suits?

May 28, 2020
New working practices demonstrate that we are more human than the traditional suits and ties of the specialty insurance sector, and these lessons from lockdown could translate into true cultural transformation, says Bart Patrick, Managing Director of Duck Creek Technologies in Europe.

In the past, some have said the first step to being respected is to look respectable. If you don’t look the part, sorry, but we’re not letting you come into our club.

I of course recognise this is a sweeping statement, and valiant efforts have been made by many in our sector to change perceptions and reality, bring in new talent from outside the sector, promote aspirational young minds faster, and drive cultural diversification.

But no matter how big the effort to drive cultural change in insurance, the London market in particular is still seen from outside predominantly as a sea of suits. Mainly men in suits. Mainly white men in suits.

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