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Liberty Mutual Picks Duck Creek to Partner on Single Workers’ Comp Claims System

August 26, 2019

The insurer and vendor will build fully-integrated workers’ compensation claims management system, with functional and technical capabilities, and focused on long-term partnerships.

Liberty Mutual (Boston) has announced that it is developing a next-generation workers’ compensation claims management system in order to potion itself for leadership in that business sector, and that the insurer has engaged Duck Creek Technologies (Boston) to be its technology partner for the initiative.

“We’re building a system that will help us add even greater value to Liberty Mutual workers’ compensation policyholders, customers of our third-party administrator—Helmsman Management Services—distribution partners, injured employees and our claims professionals,” comments Wesley Hyatt, Senior VP, Workers Compensation Claims, Liberty Mutual. “The new system will let us continue to produce better outcomes for injured employees quickly and efficiently by replacing two legacy systems with a single state-of-the-art platform.”

The insurer selected Duck Creek Technologies as its technology partner for the multi-year effort to build what it describes as a new fully-integrated workers’ compensation claims management system, which blends functional and technical capabilities, coupled with a focus on long-term partnerships. The two companies’ teams will use the latest agile software methods and techniques to deliver the system, according to a joint statement.

“To continue to meet customer expectations well into the future, we knew we needed a technology partner that could help us re-imagine workers compensation claims,” comments Kevin De Sa, VP, Senior Director of Technology, Liberty Mutual. “Duck Creek is a technology leader with a mature SaaS product, empowering us to develop a custom solution with a codeless configuration—which we believe is the future of how our systems should be run.”

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