Statement on Incident Preparedness (COVID-19)

Duck Creek prioritizes the health of our employees, customers, and partners. We want to provide an update on our stance regarding Coronavirus and our business continuity plans in the event of broader restrictions that could be put in place by governments or other entities.

Regarding COVID-19:
  • We are closely monitoring developments in this matter and are strictly following guidelines handed out by the CDC, WHO, and State Department.
  • We have taken the step to limit the majority of travel, including a temporary ban on international travel.  Business-critical travel will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • We are encouraging safe practices and communicating regularly with our employees to ensure that everyone on our team has the information they need to remain healthy.
  • We are following local government guidelines to close offices as appropriate.  We are very confident in our ability to fully support our customers leveraging secure remote connections for all employees as needed.
Regarding Business Continuity:
  • Duck Creek maintains a Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Policy and related plans. Each location performs a business impact analysis, define business continuity plans, and tests those plans annually.
  • We have deliberately built an organization that leverages a diversified, multi-location, and virtual workforce. As such, all roles within the company have the ability to work remotely if required.
    • For example, when our Boston headquarters moved to its current location, our teams worked remotely for two weeks during the transition and our business operations experienced zero interruptions.
  • We have rolled out a robust VPN solution with appropriate security controls that enables remote work as required. This is true for all major functions across our product suite.
  • Our company leverages SaaS and cloud infrastructure for both our OnDemand services and our business operations, meaning that we are not dependent on our facilities to continue our operations. We also engage with our partners to ensure that they have business continuity capabilities commensurate with our requirements.

We maintain audited company policies around Operations, including Security, Facilities, and Health and Safety, as well as a Pandemic/Infectious Disease Action Plan. We specifically maintain Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policies and also maintain general Risk Policies to cover the entire range of physical and virtual threats. Please note that we do not share our confidential corporate policy documents externally.

Regarding ongoing communications:

Should any of our policies or our stances on this matter change, we will update this document in a timely fashion.  We will also maintain regular communication via email to all customers in our database, including a bi-weekly update (or more frequently as needed).  To subscribe to these emails please visit

We hope your entire team remains safe and healthy and that this situation does not impact your organization in any material way.  Should you require additional support or information, please contact your account representative.