Welcoming Imburse Payments to the Duck Creek Family with Oliver Werneyer

On this episode of Conversations on the Creek, Rob Savitsky chats with Oliver Werneyer about the founding of Imburse, joining Duck Creek, and the importance of payments to the insurance industry.

Earlier in 2023, Oliver “joined the flock” upon Duck Creek’s acquisition of Imburse. Imburse is a modern, SaaS platform that enables insures to quickly connect to the entire payments ecosystem. Through one single connection, insurers can access multiple payment technologies and providers from around the globe and manage their bill collections and claims payments.

We kick off the show by talking about Oliver’s background and what prompted him to explore starting a company in the payments space.

Oliver then shares his thoughts on why payments is such a critical touchpoint for enhancing customer experience. He then goes on to share his perspective on the recent bank failures in the US, and some lessons learned for the insurance industry.

We conclude the show with a discussion around what’s next for Imburse and the main things Oliver is thinking about as he continues to fulfill Imburse’s mission of simplifying insurer’s access to the payments ecosystem.

Learn more about Imburse by visiting https://imbursepayments.com/.

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