The Adiona Insurtech Story – Reimagining Motor Insurance with Telematics, AI and SaaS

Customer Podcast #1 | Duck Creek expands its podcast series in 2022 to highlight stories of customer vision and real-world experiences as they work with the insurance industry’s leading cloud-based SaaS solution provider to remain agile, intelligent, and evergreen. We launch Duck Creek’s first-ever customer podcast by highlighting a start-up insurtech. Adiona Insurance, whose motto is “fairness, transparency, and putting the customer first,” is a start-up UK-based motor insurtech launching later in 2022. They’re working to deliver simplicity, savings and great customer experience through AI and real-time data.

Adiona’s story is a case study in “buy versus build” as CEO, Paul Harvey talks about his company’s goal to launch in the market and scale quickly using Duck Creek’s evergreen SaaS solutions and integrating telematics and AI. Adiona’s vision to reimagining the future of motor insurance reflects a modern, data-driven way of conducting insurance end-to-end in the cloud.

Listen in as Adiona’s CEO, Paul Harvey, and CTO, Scott Thomson, discuss the insurtech’s innovative approach with Duck Creek’s podcast hosts, Rob Savitsky and Drake Manning.

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