Millennial Perspectives: Forecasting the Insurance Landscape in ’24 with Ema Roloff

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with Ema Roloff | Jan 24, 2024

About This Episode

In Duck Creek’s third annual reflections and predictions on the Creek episode, hosts Rob Savitsky and Zach May sit down with fellow millennial, Ema Roloff of Roloff Consulting, to rewind the tape on 2023 and crystalize their visions for the evolving terrain of the insurance industry in 2024.

With older workers retiring in droves, what have carriers been doing to attract younger workers and what will they be doing in 2024? What impact have we seen thus far by generative AI and what impact will it have in the coming year? Will claims teams reinvent themselves in 2024 or will it be more of the status quo?

Listen to this special episode where the guest temporarily becomes the host and vice versa, and hear Ema, Rob, and Zach each provide their takes on key trends that will shape the industry in the year ahead.

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