Live from ITC Vegas ’23 – The Innovators Part 1

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with Rose Hall | Nov 20, 2023

About This Episode

In this episode of Conversations on the Creek, host Rob Savitsky takes the show on the road to the InsureTech Connect (ITC) Vegas ’23 Conference to have bite-sized discussions with several P&C innovators around the most pressing industry trends.

Guests include Rose Hall (SVP, Head of Innovation, Americas; AXA XL); Ryan Lockwood (Senior Manager, Data Platform; Toyota – Connected Analytic Services); Stephanie Behnke (VP, Solutions and Consulting; Hi Marley); Tony Cañas (Co-Founder; Insurance Nerds; Senior Recruiting Partner; Goodwin Recruiting); Kurt Jackson (Global Head of Sales; ICEYE).

From the role of AI in claims to the evolution of telematics to carrier DE&I initiatives, each micro-podcast segment stands on its own. See below for the time stamps of each segment to jump to a particular topic and/or guest:

[2:05] – Rose Hall of AXA XL shares how the company is providing more proactive preventative risk management services and additional value beyond the insurance policy to better meet the needs of their commercial lines clients. Between bringing more risk reducing technologies to businesses and having risk engineers now also leveraging aggregated market information, AXA XL is poised to help businesses mitigate their risk while building long-lasting insurance partnerships.

[7:55] – Ryan Lockwood of Toyota Connected Analytic Services describes how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are transforming telematics insurance in their connected cars. Learn how Toyota is providing flexible options for Toyota customers to opt into sharing telematics data with the industry’s largest carriers, as well as offering an embedded insurance offering through their MGA, Toyota Insurance.

[18:01] – Stephanie Behnke of Hi Marley defines what “lovable” customer experiences look like and provides her perspective on how and when to deploy AI when texting with claimants. Between advances in sentiment analysis, whereby bots can alert adjustors to customer frustration, to being able to pull in multiple parties like a body shop to grouping multiple text messaging chains together, there are lots of new tactics for carriers to consider for helping their customers when they need it most.

[25:06] – Tony Cañas of Insurance Nerds and Goodwin Recruiting provides his take on what carriers need to attract and retain Millennials and Generation Z workers. Tony also dives into what he’s seeing carriers do to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). “Millennials expect diversity. Gen Z will demand it.” Tony makes the point that DE&I cannot just be a check the box item, and that the carriers that truly embrace DE&I as a priority are the ones who will succeed in winning on talent.

[36:26] – Kurt Jackson of ICEYE discusses how advances in satellite imagery and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology is enabling unprecedented responses to changes on Earth. With access to accurate, high resolution SAR images across the Earth during day or night, insurers now can make better decisions when natural catastrophes occur, improving their claims reserving and knowing how to better disperse their claims adjustors to homes and businesses.

Guest companies and other references from today’s show: Be sure to look out for Part 2 of this episode dropping later in November 2023.

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