Live Episode! Reimagining Small Business Insurance with Matt Morgan of Argyle

Conversations on the Creek’s first-ever, live video podcast episode was recorded during the Duck Creek Formation ’23 conference!

In this episode, Rob Savitsky sits down with Matt Morgan, Co-Founder and COO of Argyle Insurance to discuss forming and running a new insurtech company targeting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia.

The show kicks off with Matt discussing why he decided to start Argyle.

The conversation goes into why Matt believes brokers are so instrumental in 2023, and why he chose to partner and distribute through the broker channel rather than selling directly to SMEs.

The episode ends with Rob and Matt talking about the role of technology to execute Argyle’s business strategy, some early results since launching into the market, and lessons learned that Matt feels might be relevant to insurers around the world.

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