Leveraging AI in Subrogation with Jeff To of CCC Intelligent Solutions

Partner Podcast # 16 | The increase in unstructured data – from adjuster notes to police reports – coupled with the requirements to meet regulatory compliance creates ongoing challenges for claims teams as they seek to optimize their subgrogation and recovery processes. In this episode of the Conversations on the Creek partner podcast series, Rob Savitsky and Peter Herz from Duck Creek chat with Jeff To of CCC Intelligent Solutions about his take on the state of subrogation in P&C and how AI-powered predictive models are helping claims teams identify subrogable opportunities more efficiently and increase recoverables. The episode concludes with Jeff sharing his point of view of how both SafeKeep (the company for which Jeff was Founder and CEO and which was recently acquired by CCC Intelligent Solutions) and subrogation will evolve in the years ahead.

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