Happier Homes with George Hosfield of LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Partner Podcast #14 – Both traditional as well as new data and advanced analytics sources in the home insurance space are providing insurers with greater opportunities to reduce risk and provide homeowners with better customer experiences. In this episode of the Conversations of the Creek partner podcast series, Rob Savitsky and Zach May of Duck Creek sit down with George Hosfield of LexisNexis Risk Solutions to cover various topics in home insurance, including recent recent trends on the frequency, severity, and loss costs of extreme weather, the potential impact of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the home, and considerations around better leveraging data at the point of quote for enhancing home insurance purchasing experiences.

To learn more about Duck Creek’s partnership and integrations with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, visit duckcreek.com/partner/lexisnexis-risk-solutions. Have ideas for for future integrations in the homeowners space that you’d like to see built between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Duck Creek? Feel free to drop us a note by emailing solution.partner@duckcreek.com.

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