Embedded Insurance with Simon Torrance

On this episode of Conversations on the Creek, Rob Savitsky and Shreyas Chakravarthy Vasanthkumar sit down with Simon Torrance, an independent advisor, corporate venture builder, keynote speaker, and an investor at Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies and at MetaFlight, to chat about all things embedded insurance.

Projected to account for over $700B in Gross Written Premiums by 2030 in P&C and General Insurance (25% of the total market size), embedded insurance presents insurers with opportunities for growth and the ability to provide customers with personalized insurance coverage at the point of sale of another product or service. In this new paradigm, what approaches can insurers take to stay relevant? How should insurers be thinking about their own brand as they look to partner with non-insurance brands looking to offer their end customers insurance? Hear Simon’s perspective on the state of the insurance market and how he sees distribution evolving in the future, the strategies and tradeoffs insurers might consider for winning in embedded insurance, and the technologies required to support it all.

To learn more about Simon Torrance, visit his company’s website www.embedded-finance.io..

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