Duck Creek’s Hatch-a-thon and the Importance of Innovation with Rajeshwar Jamwal of EY

Partner Podcast #18 | Duck Creek developers have been re-inventing the P&C insurance industry with innovative products and solutions for over 20 years. In an effort to foster innovation with their customers and partners, Duck Creek launched its first Hatch-a-thon at Formation ’22. Developers from around the world showcased innovative ideas of what can be ‘Made on Duck Creek!’

Ernst and Young sponsored our Hatch-a-thon because they truly believe in the power of innovation.They are excited to be a catalyst in building an ecosystem where people can come together and conceptualize new ideas. Join Duck Creek’s Chief Enterprise Architect, Quinn Easterbrook as he discusses the importance of innovation with Rajeshwar Jamwal, Managing Director of Insurance Technology Consulting, Ernst and Young as they discuss the importance of innovation.

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