Digital Customer Service: Transforming Producer Experience on Their Screens with Rick DeLisi of Glia

Partner Podcast # 17 | Digital Customer Service (DCS) technology is enabling insurers to reinvent how insurance companies interact with and support their agents and policyholders in today’s digital everything world. Recorded at Duck Creek’s Formation ’22 conference, in this episode of the Conversations on the Creek partner podcast series, Rob Savitsky and Zach May sit down with Rick DeLisi of Glia to discuss major takeways from DeLisi’s latest book he co-authored entitled, Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World and how insurers can apply these takeaways to improving how they manage their relationships with agents, brokers, and other intermediaries. From discussing what a “digital first” experience look like between an insurer’s underwriters and producers to the key digital experience tactics that insurers might consider utilizing in their producer portals, this episode delves into exploring what it takes to improve the loyalty, satisfaction, and performance of your producers.

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