Mobile First Distribution Management for Insurance

Vymo is a Distribution Management Platform for Insurance trusted by over 350,000 sellers and producers across 65+ insurers such as Berkshire Hathaway, CAA Insurance, AIA, AXA, Sunlife, and BNP Paribas. The platform solves for frontline personnel, sales managers, and business leaders through mobility, insights, and industry playbooks.

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Field Representatives can access sales and customer information on the go with Vymo’s mobile first sales engagement app. It is highly intuitive to use and has an average adoption rate of >85%, which is better than apps like Slack or Instagram.

Activity Capture

Vymo captures all sales activities such as calls, meetings and emails automatically, with minimal need for manual data entry. This ease of use drives daily active usage amongst sellers leaving no room for incomplete data on CRMs and other core systems.

Behavior Impact

Vymo learns from the behavior of top field reps, and develops industry standard playbooks for sales teams to succeed. Based on these playbooks, Vymo pushes intelligent nudges and suggestions to field reps for optimal engagement with prospects and clients.

Single Pane of Glass

Vymo integrates with multiple core systems and CRMs, and acts as a singular view for data received from multiple sources. Vymo can sync with popular CRMs such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics, and provide an overlay of intelligence.

Time to Value

Vymo is verticalized for Insurance and Financial Services and can be deployed across an organization in 6-8 weeks. Impact on business metrics can be seen in less than 3 months.


Relationship Management

Manage producer relationships with smart activity and cadence management, 360 degree views, and cross-sell orchestration.

Producer 360

Vymo creates a seamless, unified portal for collaborative selling and knowledge share between carriers and intermediaries.

Mobile Deployment

Vymo is the world’s leading mobile engagement solution for the frontline of insurance distribution. Drive adoption, productivity, and business outcomes through a mobile app.

Lead Management

Assign leads to the best fit seller through historical lead data and other business metrics. Get guided selling across all channels through contextual nudges and suggestions.

CRM Replacement

Either replace CRM with a sales engagement solution, or drive higher adoption and behavior shift on top of an existing CRM.


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G2 Grid Feature as #1 Highest Rated and Easiest to Use in the Financial Services CRM category

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Gartner feature as a Technology Innovator in the 2022 ‘Emerging Tech: Tech Innovators for Intelligent CRM Applications

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