Tractable AI

Visual AI to repair, protect, and assess your customers' car. Put a visual expert at the heart of your workflow and in your customers’ pockets

Using mature AI which has been adopted by over 25 global P&C insurers, Tractable’s solution brings rapid, accurate repair estimates at FNOL. Computer vision is applied to the very heart of the process meaning claims can be simplified and streamlined, cycle times reduced and customer service significantly improved.

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  • Industry-leading proprietary AI, built by experts for experts, utilizing computer vision at the core of its solution.
  • Able to uniquely offer you the trifecta of bolstered accuracy, efficiency and service. Built to calibrate with the standards of insurers and offer process enhancements, which also lead to superior service.
  • An AI-first cloud-based solution which is not bogged down by legacy systems but has been purpose built to work for the insurer, with an ambitious roadmap that is validated by over 25 of the top global P&C insurers.
  • Robust security, with an ISMS framework built to the highest standards, ensuring the trusted safety and control of your data.
  • A policy holder app, sent to the claimant at FNOL, which uses AI guidance to assess the vehicle damage in real-time, based on photos captured on the policy holder’s smartphone.
  • A portal with real-time insights that can determine if the vehicle is repairable or total loss.
  • Works in conjunction with other Tractable products such as AI Review and AI Subro to cover the end-to-end claims cycle.
  • Easy data transfer with Duck Creek integration, making the process even more frictionless.
  • Trained on hundreds of millions of historical examples and imbued with domain-level expertise meaning it’s not just the number of examples, but the quality of the AI modelling behind that number.
  • Each solution has been built and augmented in conjunction with a leading global insurer, to ensure the user experience is authentic to what is needed and expected.
  • Robust research foundations with top-level researchers working closely with engineering, constantly evolving the product by our own standards.
  • Building a trusted standard for AI and making the application of AI tangible to all customers in this space.