TCG Process

TCG Process, a global software company, develops and integrates intelligent document processing (IDP) software to enable insurance companies to automate document-driven processes across the enterprise.

The TCG Process and Duck Creek partnership enables straight-through processing of claims, underwriting, policy administration, with seamless integration into existing line of business systems.

Using intelligent document processing (IDP), manual data entry is eliminated, process cycle times are reduced, and the customer experience is enhanced. The solution effectively reduces costs, speeds transaction times, and lowers risk. Insurance companies, their TPAs, and BPOs experience shorter implementation times utilizing the no-code, low-code solution.

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  • Scalable and reusable integration using the Duck Creek Anywhere API allows document automation capabilities to be extended across the Duck Creek ecosystem.
  • This Duck Creek integration redefines traditional intelligent document processing (IDP), providing end-to-end processing with capture of unstructured insurance content, fully integrated into Duck Creek business processes, rather than just the first step.
  • Organizations can collaborate easily between IT and business units to model their business processes and orchestrate the entire transaction lifecycle, using BPMN.
  • The unified platform and interface easily integrates into both legacy and new systems with record go-live time.
  • Out-of-the-box cross-document validation is provided for claims processing and policy administration. Compliance and accuracy are cross-checked across the entire case file.
  • The integration enables HITL (human-in-the-loop) capabilities so that knowledge workers may assist with exception handling in the automation of converting unstructured content into meaningful business information
  • User interface and workflows are configured rather than scripted.
  • True straight-through processing is achieved, enabling automated workflows and transactions based on an organization’s business rules.
  • Recognized as the leading disruptor in independent analyst firm, Infosource’s 2023 Worldwide Capture & IDP Software Vendor Matrix Report.
  • One large insurance organization now processes more than 30 million pages per year, more than 150 document types, such as claims and contracts, all of which are automatically classified with the TCG Process solution, DocProStar.
  • After digital mailroom implementation, one large global insurance company has successfully processed customer requests from 400+ email inboxes, comprised of 40 million pages per year.
  • In a customer case study where 70% of validations are automated, 5.6k fraud cases were detected in 90k case files.