Connect to the insurance data ecosystem with Quantemplate’s data integration, automation, and validation platform, powered by machine learning.

Quantemplate is an automated data integration platform designed for the re/insurance industry. Using Quantemplate’s no-code machine learning tools, leading insurers are rapidly growing their books of business, getting more from their incoming data and third-party sources, whilst building data confidence through auditable automated workflows.

The Quantemplate platform is used by leading insurance carriers for:

  • Bordereaux Management
  • Program and Fronting Business
  • Exposure Management
  • Aggregation and Clash
  • Fleet Auto
  • Delegated Authority
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“No-code” platform allows for rapid roll-out and operational agility in the face of change

Unlimited potential for those who want to do more with their data – multiple sources, multiple outputs, massive data volumes

Machine learning assisted automation – Quantemplate learns from your decisions to automate workflows

SaaS cloud platform scale, availability, and security – where Excel breaks, we don’t break a sweat


Bordereaux field mapping – intuitive tools to rapidly map disparate bordereaux to a common schema, assisted by machine learning

Company name reconciliation – unify thousands of incoming company names to a reference standard such as Capital IQ to analyze risk aggregation and clash

Validations – run automated data quality checks against business rules and view row-level results

Connectivity – use APIs to connect to the Duck Creek Platform, a data warehouse, geocoder, ratings data, and more


Built for insurance professionals – Quantemplate has been designed to solve data integration problems specific to the re/insurance sector

High performance cloud computing – leverage the power of our architecture and machine learning without writing a single line of code

Get expert support – most Quantemplate customers self-serve, but for advanced applications, our team of specialist integration partners is here to help