Planck provides an AI-based data platform for commercial insurance. Its mission is to empower commercial insurers by generating insights that streamline the commercial insurance process, enabling insurers to instantly and accurately manage risk throughout the insurance process.

Planck draws on a wide range of sources for data, including online images, text, videos, reviews and public records, to generate risk-related insights for business using just a name and address. Planck’s holistic approach to manufacturing insights provides an accurate view of key insurance influencing parameters. Carriers leverage Planck’s platform for underwriting new and renewing policies, instant quoting, lead generation, and claims.

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Ability to generate insights that streamline the commercial underwriting process, enabling insurers to instantly and accurately underwrite any policy.

Leverages AI and machine learning technologies to dynamically harvest business insights from the insured’s digital footprint.

Data insights and analytics for more than 50 major business segments, including restaurants, construction, retail and manufacturing, and multiple insurance lines, including workers compensation, errors & omissions, and general liability.

 Assess risk and monitor a small business insured’s changing exposure during the policy life cycle.


With only a business name and address, Planck’s AI platform creates all underwriting insights within seconds.

90% accuracy and coverage on our risk insights

Proprietary entity matching algorithms that verify the exact relationship between the business entity and the information found.

Deep learning algorithms are continuously being trained on verified information about a business to ensure the highest accuracy in the market


Ability to harvest insurance specific insights from thousands of resources including industry specific sources, social networks, review sites, business websites and profiles, public records and governmental databases.

Top data science expertise that allows us to deal with big data and work with all publicly available data sources.

Data analytics powered by proprietary Artificial intelligence capabilities including computer vision, NLP, unstructured analysis and others.

Insights customized to the underwriting and risk assessment requirements of each individual insurer.