The comprehensive One Inc Digital Payments Platform empowers insurers to deliver the frictionless digital payments experience that policyholders expect – fast, flexible, and future-focused. With the One Inc Digital Payments Platform, you can effortlessly handle all insurance payment use cases on a single platform, ensuring business continuity and expedited payment. Our fully-hosted, PCI-compliant platform increases data security by completely removing payment data from insurers’ networks and processes. Expanded payment options, expert insurance workflows, easy-to-use portals, and established vendor/financial institution partnerships enable insurers to empower their customers and adjusters with choice, control, and convenience. Built for insurance, the One Inc Digital Payments Platform provides a full-stack inbound-outbound payment solution that includes customer engagement functionality, integrated reporting and reconciliation, and flexible payment capabilities.  Insurance companies can pay ANYONE, from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, using ANY method. Insurers reduce expenses, expand payment options, and improve customer experiences with One Inc.


Insurance-focused proven solution

One comprehensive platform for customer engagement

Expanded payment methods

Accelerated claim closure

Reduced operational expenses

Enhanced customer experiences

Enabled business continuity


Payment Choice & Control – Pay anyone (e.g. policyholder, claimant, third party vendor, etc.) with any payment method (e.g. checks, ACH, debit/credit/prepaid/virtual card, PayPal, etc.) on any payment channel (e.g. phone, mobile, mail, online, email, and text, etc.).

Reporting & Reconciliation – Access real-time payment status and easily reconcile transactional data.

All Insurance Use Cases

Single/Multi-Party Payments – Deliver single or multi-party payments effortlessly.

Mobile Field Payments – Adjusters can digitally pay claimants anywhere using the mobile app.

Total Loss Lienholder & Mortgagee Payments – Pay lienholders/mortgagees easily and rapidly through established partnerships and insurance process workflows.

Vendor Payments – Directly deposit digital vendor payments into vendor-designated bank accounts or send to vendor POS terminals via a virtual card number.


One Inc is solely focused on delivering a comprehensive, innovative, and robust digital payment platform to the insurance industry. Our employees have a deep understanding of the insurance domain. This singular mission enables us to modernize and transform the insurance industry through a frictionless payments experience. As one of the fastest-growing, most innovative digital payments platforms in the insurance industry, One Inc manages billions of dollars per year in premium and claim payments.