e2Value, Inc.

e2Value, Inc. is a full-service application development and technology provider that offers products to assist with asset valuation. e2Value is a leading SaaS provider delivering valuations for residential, commercial, and farm and ranch properties in the U.S. and Canada.

The company is heralded for its property-based solution for risk management on a web platform that easily integrates with the latest technologies.

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  • e2Value estimators have consistently been accurate for homes with values ranging from a few thousand to tens of millions of dollars. e2Value numbers have been within a few percentage points of claims values as reported by our clients.
  • e2Value solutions work for any type and any size residential home, from Mainstreet® homes to high-value homes and everything in between.
  • The main difference is in the number of questions the e2Value system asks. Most users have spent their lives counting bathrooms, fireplaces, lights and windows, and measuring cabinetry, molding, etc. The e2Value system uses advanced logic architecture and algorithms to eliminate many of the redundancies in prior systems.
  • e2Value valuations account for factors such as local variations in wages and materials costs in the construction industry down to the 5-digit zip code area.
  • Fast, accurate replacement costs for Insurance-to-Value.
  • Provides standardized and consistent data delivery along with accurate values
  • Full and functional replacement cost, plus Actual Cash Value
  • e2Value is totally focused on one business—valuation and the related services necessary to contribute to e2Valuer customers’ bottom line.
  • e2Value is a web-engineered SaaS tool not a paper or PC-based tool that was adapted for the internet. e2Value was cloud-based before the cloud was called the cloud.
  • The founders of e2Value had extensive experience working with carriers and producers to appraise homes and commercial buildings. This helped them understand exactly what customers wanted from their valuation software.
  • e2Value has the only patented web-based valuation system for their Methods and for Estimating Building Reconstruction Costs in the insurance industry.