Chameleon Integrated Services

Chameleon Integrated Services’ (CIS) insurance practice aims to increase efficiency and reduce risk for Duck Creek Technologies implementations by creating novel tools, leveraging leading industry know-how, and establishing partnerships.

Implementing and supporting modern core insurance systems requires a significant effort from Carriers and System Integrators. CIS Insurance Services focuses on the most complex and inefficient areas of such implementations allowing Carriers and System Integrators to concentrate on configuring business rules.

CIS Insurance Services develops best-in-class tools and processes to make Duck Creek Technologies implementations successful. Whether you are just starting your implementation and need to manage performance risks or your system is in production and you are experiencing slow or unexpected system behavior. CIS Insurance Services tools and processes provide a clear path for successful system performance.

Additional CIS Insurance Services tools and processes are created specific to a particular Carrier or SI to solve a wide range of issues: from data dictionary management, to parallel logic execution, to helpdesk automation, to infrastructure monitoring.

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  • Focused on improving efficiency and reducing operational costs by automating repeatable tasks and leveraging the latest tools or creating new tools.
  • Understanding business needs and tailoring solutions that address short and long term consequences of any issues.
  • True partnership approach to every engagement providing the missing pieces of the solution while efficiently utilizing existing resources and relationships.
  • CIS Performance Testing Platform, optimized for Duck Creek Technologies products, is scalable and user friendly with support for Excel or Test Automation Center (TAC) script formats.
  • CIS Trace Tools provide insights into scenarios too complex to analyze with other tools
  • Custom utilities and processes help customers solve unique issues that cannot be addressed with out of the box or generic solutions.
  • Over 20 years of experience modernizing, transforming and supporting customers’ systems.
    Experience with Agent and Consumer focused solutions for Personal Lines, Commercial Lines and Specialty insurance products.
  • Tools and processes designed to solve gaps in Policy Admin, Billing, Claims, Insights, Balancing and Controls, and Reinsurance systems.
  • Extensive network and helpdesk infrastructure experience complemented by cybersecurity practice that covers processes and systems outside of Duck Creek On Demand.
  • Experience integrating with Duck Creek Suite of products with core systems from multiple other vendors.