Carpe Data

Carpe Data provides insurtech solutions that transform unstructured and chaotic online data into business clarity and predictive insights - reducing loss and delivering better insurance outcomes.

Through unique insights and cutting-edge technology, Carpe Data scours billions of websites and social media pages to gather digital artifacts that provide valuable predictive insights for commercial underwriting and personal claims. For carriers, this can represent up to 10x additional online coverage at one-tenth their current human based cost.

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  • With 45 million business profiles, Carpe Data specializes in synthesizing online data into predictive insights that help commercial underwriters better understand the businesses they insure, price policies correctly, and avoid adverse selection. With 300+ million individual profiles, Carpe Data monitors and alerts carriers for possible fraud throughout the claims cycle. These insights provide massive scale, superior coverage, lower fraud, and better insurance outcomes.
  • By expanding online data coverage by 10x at one-tenth the current cost, finding more fraud, streamlining operational efficiency, pricing more accurately, reducing cycle times through confirming online facts instantly, and avoiding adverse selection – Carpe Data clients enjoy up to 10x ROI (or more) straight to the bottom line.  An investment in Carpe Data solutions is one of the fastest routes to realizing increased profitability available to the insurance industry today.
  • Underwriters and claims staff are stretched to capacity and have critically low bandwidth to search and analyze online data to better understand their customers. Through massively scalable and always-on AI, Carpe Data relieves client staff of these tedious tasks so they can focus on core tasks, avoid toxic online burnout and reduce the risk of implicit bias.
  • Carpe Data engineers solutions to operate within our clients’ existing workflow – thereby minimizing disruption and offering optimal convenience.  In addition, Carpe Data offers single price “buffet” access to all data – maximizing client success. In short, Carpe Data acts as a Partner, not a vendor.
  • 300+ million individual datastore + 45 million commercial profiles enable Carpe Data to unleash massive computing power and cutting-edge machine learning on up-to-the-minute online pages (websites, social media platforms, etc) to gather information from trillions of posts, photos, and videos and “connect the dots” for carrier clients with insights that directly improve the insurance decision.
  • Carpe Data’s Minerva solution specifically serves commercial underwriters by searching millions of current online pages for insights on businesses in our 45 million datastore.  Our technology scansposts, pictures, videos, comments, likes, reviews and more, we help clients gain a clearer picture of additional insurable risks that emerge from expanding business models, additional product offerings, and other exposures that aren’t captured in typical pre-fill. We help clients “connect the dots” to better price policies and avoid adverse selection.
  • Carpe Data’s ClaimsX solution utilizes our existing storehouse of 300+ million individuals. Once we receive the list of open claimants, ClaimsX confirms identities and immediately begins a full-cycle, rules-based monitor and alert service that scans claimants online presence across millions of websites and social media pages. ClaimsX is “always on” from FNOL to close – searching online stories, posts, images, and videos for digital artifacts confirming or contradicting the insurance claims. Instant alerts are sent directly to claims staff with links to online sources – saving them the grinding work of manually searching for evidence of fraud across the sprawling, chaotic online universe.
  • Existing 300+ million individual datastore + 45 million commercial profiles jumpstart our online data searches
  • Our technology gathers insights and “connects the dots” on businesses to provide hidden insights, gathered from online sources, to underwriters to provide better pricing and clearer decisions
  • Fine-tuned monitor and alert service for 300+ million individuals – with real time access to millions of dynamic data sources and sub-second alerts to claims staff for rules based matches that confirm or contradict claim facts.
  • Multiple years of experience serving the leading carriers in the industry – led by insurance data pioneers