CamCom's intuitive AI platform provides vehicle damage assessment with 96% accuracy enabling faster claims settlement, reducing loss ratio, and lowering the risk in the underwriting process for Insurers.

With the most accurate AI-powered Computer Vision platform, CamCom reimagines loss ratio and risk in underwriting. The use cases can range from the claims assessment process and self-inspection for break-in cases to pre-inspection for new customer onboarding. The solution provided is a contactless, cost-effective one, where customers can self-inspect, analyze, assess, and settle, using real-time data.

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  • Contactless, cost-effective, accurate, and provides instant results.
  • Provides health score/damage reports for vehicle assessment, claims, and break-ins.
  • Enables vehicle damage assessment using visual audit trails.
  • Facilitates seamless integration with core insurance solutions – enabling a straight pass-through inspection, assessment, and settlement.
  • Images of the vehicle are captured using mobile devices.
  • Damage severity analysis using heat map technology which enables depth perception for 2D images.
  • Accurate health scores are generated based on vehicle damage assessment.
  • Enables spot settlements of claims and instant premium calculations.
  • Highly experienced management team with a globally renowned advisory board.
  • Trained to detect damages irrespective of make and model. This helps in launching in other markets with minimal model training.
  • Global footprint – Customers in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Germany.