Attestiv provides digital media authenticity and analysis for insurance carriers. Using patented AI-technology, Attestiv tamper-proofs and analyzes photos and other digital media for authenticity.

Attestiv detects photo anomalies and/or fraud with its patented technology and 6-point AI forensic analysis producing an aggregate tamper score for each image. This score, ranging from 1-100, determines whether media requires human review or is suitable for automation and straight-through processing. Learn more:

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  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention
  • Identify suitability for straight-through processing
  • Better analyses from business quality photos
  • Continuous improvements to AI models to improve speed and accuracy
  • Attestiv uniquely fingerprints each individual image so it can be validated at any point in the future. This also eliminates the risk of the same image being used in multiple claims.
  • Forensic information is displayed on a per-image basis via an easy-to-understand tamper score for quick decision-making. Users receive real-time, inline detection of anomalies within an image(s) highlighting specific issue(s)
  • Attestiv’s enterprise-ready cloud-based platform allows for a high volume of images to be analyzed in real-time.
  • Attestiv is an industry-leading insurtech offering both digital media fraud detection and prevention technology.
  • Attestiv holds multiple patents for artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology.
  • Attestiv offers a suite of insurance solutions for the P&C insurance industry including specialty, commercial and personal lines.
  • Attestiv provides guidelines to ensure customer-provided digital media is of business quality,  free of fraudulent or inadvertent edits, and suitable to be used for AI-based automated operations such as assessments or appraisals.