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Attestiv Image Validation and Analysis (Claims)


Attestiv provides digital media authenticity and analysis for insurance carriers. Using patented AI technology, Attestiv tamper-proofs and analyzes photos and other digital media for authenticity.

Benefits of the Attestiv platform:

  • Provides authentication for photos with real-time, inline detection of anomalies
  • Attestiv uniquely fingerprints each individual image so it can be validated at any point in the future eliminating the risk of the same image being used in multiple claims
  • Exposes the time, date, and location of the photo(s)
  • No need for intermediaries to validate digital media

By integrating Attestiv Image Validation and Analysis into your existing process, images in claim requests can be validated for authenticity and analyzed. A detailed report that includes information about potentially fraudulent photos is added to the claim record via a file note. The integration is applicable worldwide in both personal and commercial lines.

Dependencies for Package

The following tools and packages are required for correct implementation of the package.

Tools Needed to Complete the Package Installation

The following tools are needed to complete the package installation:

  • Duck Creek Claims Studio


To use this package, you must have Duck Creek Claims installed.

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