The Next Era of Insurance is Human 

A Human Insurance Experience is one based on empathy

P&C insurance needs a new focus. A focus on people, their needs, and the impact to their lives – the human experience. Prioritizing the human experience to drive the next era of insurance. Meaningful interactions that foster trust, earn loyalty, and create lasting value.

Why the Human Experience Matters

We surveyed over 2,000 consumers in the 2023 Benchmark Global Consumer Insurance Insights Survey. The results indicate that a significant volume of consumers prefer humanized experiences when interacting with their insurance providers. Explore the survey results, which reveal major positives for insurance providers but highlights areas where insurers must improve to bolster consumer confidence and trust in insurance.

Humanized Insurance Technology enables people to connect with each other through the insurance lifecycle, in real-time, through channels that are highly personalized and connected experiences that empower people with insights and productivity.

Jess Keeney, Chief Product Officer
Duck Creek Technologies Chief Product Officer

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