Joyce Harkness

Group Chief Information Officer

Avant Mutual

Joyce Harkness is the Group Chief Information Officer at Avant Mutual, Australia’s leading medical defence and medical indemnity organisation. She is a Business and IT Transformation executive with international and cross-functional experience. For nearly twenty years, she has been in Transformation, Operations and IT leadership roles, in companies that experienced profound and quantum changes.

Before joining Avant Mutual, Joyce held leadership roles at Fairchild Semiconductors, Nortel Networks and the National Broadband Network (NBN Co in Australia).

Joyce leads with the ‘big picture’ in mind, balancing pragmatism and thought leadership. She is effective in environments that are complex, diverse and rapidly changing. Beyond the drive to deliver results, she builds long-term value and a legacy that lasts beyond her tenure. For Joyce, her most enduring legacy is developing leaders, whether at work, at home, church or in the community. To her, mentoring is way of life. She is a mentor with Menttium since 2008.