Duck Creek Billing (detailed)

is a comprehensive bill management solution that supports improved operational efficiencies, cost savings, and increased revenue recognition. Our Billing solution provides all core billing capabilities such as billing and collections, commission processing, disbursement management, and general ledger capabilities for all lines and bill types in a single solution.

Billing can make or break financial goals and customer relationships. Once a straightforward accounting function, billing strategies, and practices are now key to business success. Peace of mind comes both from end-to-end control of your business and knowing your customers are getting the experience they expect. With Duck Creek Billing, you get a single solution for all your billing capabilities across all lines and bill types, providing you with a holistic view of customer data. Plus, you can expand into new markets with new lines of business – using the same core billing capabilities that can support your business today and tomorrow –all while reducing development and maintenance costs.

Insurers have the ability to deploy new pay plans, payment methods, and recoupment fees quickly and efficiently. Billing’s intuitive user interface reduces training time and improves employee productivity, leading to better customer service. Considered a leader in performance and scalability, Duck Creek Billing can handle a diverse range of billing requirements for all types of insurance products. Simple, hassle-free billing (including via mobile devices) and the ability to support all billing types, across every mode of engagement, lets you deliver immediate, top-notch service that customers (both agents and policyholders) demand. Clear customer summaries across all policies and answers to common questions help you move quickly.

Duck Creek Billing advantages:
  • Quickly deploy new bill plans, fees, service charges, or invoice design changes
  • Improve customer service with a single account view of all bill accounts in a single, all-lines solution
  • Improve cash management, error handling, and revenue recognition leading to lower administrative costs and faster payment processing
  • Increase speed to market by enabling insurers to deploy new billing plans, service charges, non-sufficient funds, and late fees in a matter of days with easy configuration by business users, not developers
  • Reduce operational costs by consolidating billing systems
  • Deliver an intuitive user interface reducing training time from weeks to hours
  • Drive improved customer service and support with all information available for a call center representative to quickly respond to a customer needs
  • Improve product quality with rapid, more efficient testing via our Test Automation Center, allowing users to easily create, edit, and execute test scripts for Duck Creek solutions to drive more accurate testing and faster product rollouts
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