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OnDemand Workstations for Enhancing DevOps – Now Available

June 1, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Duck Creek OnDemand Workstations, our newest set of cloud-provisioned environments, which will enable both insurers’ and SI’s business analysts and developers to quickly gain access to and begin configuring Duck Creek SaaS applications and realize increased DevOps efficiency. Each configurator gets their own individual OnDemand Workstation, which includes the Duck Creek Suite, necessary third-party development tools, as well as an entire pre-configured set of tools for managing the insurers’ software development lifecycle (SDLC). So how will OnDemand Workstations impact the SaaS core systems experience?

With Duck Creek OnDemand, we’ve seen various insurers realize 3-6 month implementation timeframes. Now, with the arrival of OnDemand Workstations, we expect insurers to continue to be even better positioned to go live rapidly. OnDemand Workstations will enable you to onboard your business analysts and developers in days, not weeks. This means you’ll be able to get started on making those innovative insurance experiences – whether that be launching new insurance products, expanding into new geographies, or providing better customer experiences across the insurance lifecycle – very quickly.

While getting to market faster is a great initial step, what’s perhaps even more critical is being able to test, learn, and iterate – and so as part of OnDemand Workstations, we’ve included a set of back-end tools that will enhance insurers’ productivity and DevOps across the entire SDLC. These tools include a work project management system for organizing and tracking configuration tasks and enforcing peer reviews, a source repository with a gated check-in system that will automatically scan an insurer’s configurations in Duck Creek Policy for quality and provide feedback on conformance to best practice standards, and pre-defined pipelines for deployment to their upper OnDemand environments.

Finally, OnDemand Workstations make it easy to stay current with Duck Creek software upgrades, allowing configurators to always be able to pull down pre-provisioned workstations containing the latest software, which is aligned with the upgrades running in your test and production environments.

In summary, OnDemand Workstations represent yet another meaningful, incremental enhancement to the SaaS core systems experience, allowing insurers to improve speed to market while enhancing their solution quality, allowing your teams to be laser-focused on creating the new standards of insurance that today’s customers expect. When combined with the OnDemand Control Hub (which we released earlier in the year), a web-based portal that allows an insurer’s IT Operations team to control, manage, and operate their core systems, users from all across the organization will gain significant productivity, ultimately resulting in more efficient DevOps.

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Rob Savitsky
Rob Savitsky is Director of Product Marketing at Duck Creek, where he leads the company’s positioning and messaging for Duck Creek’s advanced SaaS solution, Duck Creek OnDemand. Among other marketing responsibilities, Rob started the Conversations on the Creek podcast in 2021 and oversees the direction of the show as lead host and producer. Previously, Rob worked at Verisk as a marketer in the Extreme Event Solutions business unit (formerly AIR Worldwide) and for Analyze Re (acquired by Verisk in 2016). Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Babson College.