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How Digital Customer Experiences Can Improve Your Customer Knowledge

June 21, 2017

A carrier friend recently said to me, “Digital means I don’t have a sense of my customer any longer, and I’m just not interested in that.”

I about dropped my coffee. While the digital landscape can be a scary place, this is about as far from the truth as can be!

As a carrier, you have to set some limits, but digital is essentially about letting your customers do what they want, when they want, how they want. By equipping them with the technology and opportunity to do that, you have the ability to understand your customers better than ever.

Digital Experiences Drive Customer Knowledge

So where do you begin? You’ve likely spent considerable time “journey mapping” to appreciate what your users are trying to achieve during interactions with you, and how they’re likely to feel throughout their customer experience. If you haven’t, customer journey maps are critical to understanding and improving user experiences, getting, and keeping customers.

Spoiler alert: Each of those customer interactions can create data, and each interaction can build on what you already know about your customers. As you come to understand your customers and their digital experiences, you can customize the journey maps, and even your products, based on who your buyers are and what they like. It’s a virtuous circle, but keep it simple! Today’s users expect ease, education, and an effortless experience. More isn’t always better.

It’s insurance, I know, but for agents and insureds, whether they’re paying a bill, looking at a document, or reviewing policy documents, the user experience should feel as comfortable as buying a gift on Amazon, and as satisfying as your perfect cup of coffee. And it can be.

The truth is that you already know your customers and your users. It’s all in your data. The hard part is to unearth, connect and understand it, and then use it to craft a user experience that exceeds customer expectations.


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