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Delivery Assurance: there’s no need to go it alone

Large, complex implementations of third-party software are enormous, often daunting undertakings. Doing it with the guidance and experience of the team that created the solution can make it less so.

With Duck Creek’s Delivery Assurance program, customers and delivery partners benefit directly from our implementation experience and delivery best practices. The program pairs customers and/or SIs with Duck Creek experts, ensuring that solutions, design, and execution are aligned to successful outcomes by focusing on speed to market, scalability, upgradability, and product roadmap—regardless of the delivery team model.

Project conformance, a key feature of Delivery Assurance, helps our customers and delivery partners monitor project health and program fundamentals from start to finish. This approach maximizes speed to market, reduces maintenance and upgrade efforts, and ensures alignment to base product and future roadmap. It also mitigates delivery cost and schedule overruns, scalability and performance issues, and design rework. Comprehensive conformance reviews are central to the methodology; standard checkpoints are conducted in the analysis, design, build, and test phases to review and provide guidance around numerous aspects of the implementation, including:

  • Software configuration
  • Software extensions
  • Infrastructure design
  • Database configuration
  • Data model design
  • Dev environment and code deployment plan
  • Industrialization

In the event that a serious problem is uncovered during Delivery Assurance, we immediately enact SWAT team escalations, focusing the Delivery Assurance team and our delivery partners on identifying key architecture and delivery risks and building the right mitigation strategies to contain them.

Duck Creek’s Delivery Assurance program brings decades of implementation experience to bear on our on-premises customers’ implementations, offering maximum project efficiency with as few bumps in the road as possible. If SaaS delivery isn’t yet the right option for your enterprise, contact our Delivery Assurance team to learn more about how we can help ensure your project’s success.

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