CyberCube is the world's leading cyber risk analytics provider to the insurance industry delivering the data and analytics for profitable growth

CyberCube enables insurers to make insight-driven risk decisions. Our unique data, multi-disciplinary analytics and cloud-based technology help with insurance placement, underwriting selection, and portfolio optimization. By identifying and curating the best sources of data, we provide our clients with trustworthy indicators of risks and a forward-looking view of cyber risks.

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  • Seamlessly integrate the delivery of CyberCube’s industry-leading models, signals, and analytics into your existing workflow to help you understand your risks
  • Drive operational efficiency with lower operating costs by automating repetitive, effort-intensive processes and freeing resources to perform higher-order functions
  • Simplify your technology ecosystem by integrating CyberCube’s leading modeling capabilities seamlessly into your enterprise risk modeling and underwriting systems
  • Customizable experience unlocked with flexible APIs to build the right workflow experience for your unique environment and teams
  • Our SaaS applications enable out-of-the-box analytics tools for insurance advisory, single risk underwriting and portfolio management
  • Our RESTful APIs are built on a state-of-the-art cloud-native technology platform that unlocks advanced analytics
  • We painstakingly organize, enrich and curate best-in-class data sources at petabyte scale alongside our own proprietary data for use in our analytic models
  • 140+ person team of experts from data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, threat intelligence, actuarial science, software engineering and insurance
  • Long-term focused solutions partner, offering visibility and access for your own cyber analytics development
  • Born out of Symantec, the world’s leading cybersecurity company