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Whatfix Smart Claims (Claims)


Whatfix’s Smart Claims provides a unified experience layer on both internal and customer-facing P&C core applications. It aims to accelerate digital adoption by providing contextual, interactive, real-time guidance for underwriters, claims handlers, adjusters, policyholders and agents, within their flow of work. Whatfix’s platform brings value not just to end users, but also to content writers, learning/training teams and business leaders by moving the metrics that matter to each of them.

The Whatfix Smart Claims Integration for Duck Creek leverages Whatfix’s technology to provide claims-specific contextual tools & intelligence within the Duck Creek Claims environment to arrive at a holistic contextual understanding of specific user and claims characteristics, as well as the adjuster’s actions on a claim. The Whatfix system then analyzes this context to provide just-in-time help and support to adjusters at key moments of need, in their Duck Creek journey. This would increase associate efficiency, build confidence and improve productivity with the ease of maneuverability resulting in tighter user engagement and satisfaction. This would thereby lead to an accelerated adoption of the Duck Creek platform.

Dependencies for Package

The following tools and packages are required for correct implementation of the package.

Tools Needed to Complete the Package Installation

The following tools are needed to complete the package installation:

  • Duck Creek Claims Studio


To use this package, you must have the following.

  • Duck Creek Claims
  • Whatfix Player
  • Send Http Request Custom Activity Content Exchange Package (pre v12 only)

Installing the Package

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To install a package:

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  2. Once installed, open the utility and use it to install or unzip your downloaded packages. Learn more about using this utility.
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