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Spixii Conversational Process Automation (Billing)


Spixii Conversational Process Automation allows customer-facing processes to be executed digitally at scale via fluid conversations on desktop or mobile applications. Spixii CPA augments the resilience of call centers enabling end customers to self-serve online while creating a more engaging experience than web-form where the conversation disappears.

The visible part of Spixii CPA is a chatbot, a conversational user interface that can guide a user to achieve an objective through a chat. The non-visible part of Spixii CPA is the Connectivity Hub which connects to core system such as Duck Creek Billing. The last module of Spixii CPA is the Advanced Analytics available to insurance companies via dedicated dashboards.

There are several benefits to adopt CPA. The chat is personal and improves the user experience by giving immediate response such as when the next payment is due. The chatbot is also a very effective tool to learn more about customers: the analysis of the drops in the conversation or the most common paths may nest a continuous improvement of the conversation, which will eventually reflect into a better customer experience and a very in-depth understanding of the criticalities of the processes covered by the conversation.

Spixii CPA platform brings a solid combination of agility and compliance with high-industrial security standards, allowing our chatbots to cover virtually any process within an organization.


Learn more about Spixii Customer Service for Duck Creek Billing

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The following tools are needed to complete the package installation:


To use this package, you must also have the Duck Creek Billing package.

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