Punching Above Your Weight

Use SaaS core insurtech to out-compete your larger competitors.

The Indian insurance sector is going through a once-in-a-generation transformation thanks to the IRDAI’s Insurance For All By 2047 initiative. This is creating more opportunities to protect more individuals and businesses.

Is your core insurtech ready?

The largest insurers have responded early by simply upgrading their existing on-premises, in-house and legacy solutions. But despite this, their system’s inherent flaws remain and in no time these will again come to the fore and limit business.

By doing it differently, medium-sized non-life insurers could out-compete and out-perform their larger competitors now, and long into the future.

SaaS-delivered core insurtech could be your new competitive advantage – the efficient, scalable, innovative and future-proof alternative to traditional legacy insurtech systems.

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The right fit for medium-sized non-life insurers.

Punching Above Your Weight highlights how SaaS-delivered core insurtech solutions are the right fit for medium-sized private multi-line non-life insurers, and how their features and benefits can empower these insurers to out-innovate and out-perform their larger, legacy system-constrained competitors.

It explores how SaaS core-delivery insurtech can:

Reduce or eliminate the costs, complexities, burdens and limitations of on-premises, in-house and legacy insurtech.

Provide enhanced speed, functionality, capability and capacity compared to on-premises, in-house and legacy insurtech.

Empower insurers with speed, flexibility and creativity to adapt swiftly to market and consumer changes, maximizing business and policyholder outcomes.

What will you discover?

  • The unique features of SaaS-delivered insurtech that are ideally suited to medium-sized non-life insurers, especially in the current industry landscape.
  • The inherent flaws and limitations of on-prem, in-house and legacy core insurtech and why it’s becoming the inferior technology.
  • How the features of SaaS-delivered core insurtech perform and the value they deliver.
  • How medium-sized non-life insurers can benefit and use these to out-perform their larger competitors.
  • Insurance For All By 2047 use cases and examples.
  • Global insurer case studies.

Duck Creek Technologies is the global pioneer of SaaS-delivered insurtech.

With current customers including HDFC Ergo, Suncorp, CHUBB, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, AIG, GEICO, Argyle Insurance and QBE, whether you’re a large, medium-sized or start-up non-life insurer, Duck Creek can deliver a solution that will support your enterprise becoming smarter, faster and more efficient and delivering better policyholder an business outcomes.

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