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Terrene Labs Prefill


This package provides a pre-integrated risk profile enrichment pre-fill solution with Duck Creek Policy.  It adds a call to a Terrene Labs service to retrieve account, location, and risk analysis data when starting a General Liability quote. The comprehensive risk profile data is then used to pre-populate the quote; as well as, show alerts for customer-specific underwriting flags returned from the Terrene service based on automated and carrier specific analysis of the risk profile. Additional risk profile data (beyond the Duck Creek Policy fields) is also available to the carrier in a user-friendly viewable manner and a PDF containing the full risk profile from Terrene Labs is also attached to the policy.

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Dependencies for Package

The following tools and packages are required for correct implementation of the package.

Tools Needed to Complete the Package Installation

The following tools are needed to complete the package installation:

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To use this package, you must also have the ISO Commercial General Liability Line of Business Kit.

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