Duck Creek for Salesforce

For carriers looking to leverage world-class CRM and take advantage of Duck Creek solutions

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the Duck Creek for Salesforce app extends the Duck Creek Platform’s capabilities into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to provide an empowered user experience for CSRs, agents, and other Salesforce insurance CRM users.

About Duck Creek for Salesforce

Duck Creek for Salesforce offers the best of both Duck Creek and Salesforce for carriers looking to leverage world-class insurance CRM while taking advantage of Duck Creek’s P&C insurance workflow processes, configuration tools, data, content, and insurtech ecosystem.

The best of both Duck Creek and Salesforce

Effectively managing customer relationships while building and maintaining P&C insurance content and workflows are both difficult challenges. Carriers shouldn’t sacrifice business agility or suffer from increased IT spend and complexity because no single-vendor insurance CRM solution exists to solve both problems.

In this increasingly fast-paced world, carriers are learning that the keys to successful digital transformation are speed of transformation, ease of integration with new digital capabilities, and the ability to use data more effectively. And, of course, running all core modules from a single vendor can streamline the ability to capture, access, and utilize data more effectively.

Karlyn Carnahan

A unified, low-code SaaS solution

The Duck Creek for Salesforce app couples the Duck Creek Platform with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, pairing the leading SaaS CRM platform and SaaS P&C insurance platform for efficient and seamless agent, CSR, and policyholder experiences.

A comprehensive and dynamic experience

Delivered through the low-code Duck Creek Platform, changes made in Duck Creek applications are reflected automatically and seamlessly in the Salesforce Lightning user experience.