Terrene Labs, a FRISS company

Powered by Terrene, FRISS Underwriting Insights provides a comprehensive risk profile for a true digital underwriting experience, offering superior insights and reduced loss ratios.

FRISS Underwriting Insights provides comprehensive exposure information on small and mid-sized businesses to facilitate faster, more accurate and effective underwriting by commercial property/casualty insurers. Drawing on risk profile information collected from thousands of structured and unstructured data sources, Underwriting Insights enables insurers to streamline the underwriting workflow for agents, brokers and direct buyers, enhancing potential growth opportunities.

This Anywhere Enabled Integration uses a prefill scenario in the Duck Creek Policy workflow to enable more straight through processing during underwriting procedures. The integration can be found in the Duck Creek Content Exchange.

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  • Underwriting Insights provides ease of doing business by requiring only four fields for customers or agents to seek qualification and a quote for their business risk, thus reducing significant friction in the process
  • By building a comprehensive risk profile on the business from thousands of structured and unstructured data sources, Underwriting Insights standardizes the underwriting process, avoids costly manual effort to underwrite each one individually, lowers the bind time, and produces higher conversion rates
  • Additionally, carriers are able to achieve higher straight through processing by streamlining the submission flow to kick out risks that do not fit in their appetite by applying knockout rules, and further by providing analysis on unstructured data to empower their decision rules for underwriting
  • Pre-built API for faster, streamlined integration
  • Pre-fill fields directly into Duck Creek Policy to accurately and efficiently populate risk characteristics
  • Enrich Duck Creek’s rules engine with additional risk characteristics based on unstructured data analysis using uniquely gathered and analyzed information by Terrene’s Underwriting insights
  • Strong insurance domain experience so we understand the intent of underwriting a risk and not just mapping data
  • Chosen as Digital Innovators to watch
  • Backed by leaders from the insurance industry