One integrated suite, four powerful, best of breed solutions

We are up and running in every state. It’s been widely successful and we look at the Duck Creek partnership as really being our foundation for growth.

Lenny Waldhauser
Vice President

From telematics to big data to exceptional customer service, property and casualty (P&C) insurers are incorporating digital technology into their organization. Duck Creek’s suite of software provides the modern features and functionality needed to support your business transformation and give you a competitive advantage.

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    Duck Creek Policy manages your entire policy lifecycle and helps you respond to new product demands.

    • Accurate rating based on your rules
    • Configurable for any distribution channel, as part of an existing portal or as an online quoting and servicing system
    • Easily design new products for all lines of business—includes 6,000+ unique combinations of commercial line templates

    We put the power in your hands. With our policy software you can leverage our proprietary pre-defined business definitions or create your own.

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    Duck Creek Rating takes the complexity out of modeling and implementing rate changes.

    • Support complex and advanced calculations
    • Model ‘what if’ scenarios on your book of business
    • Use product configuration to build your filing documentation
    • Manage rating through configuration, not coding; enables faster processing—750,000+ quotes per day

    With our industry-leading rating engine, you’ll be able to remove the barriers to market expansion by enabling rapid deployment of new products and increasing quote capabilities.

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    Duck Creek Billing turns a back-office function into a customer-centric solution.

    • Generate a single bill for multiple lines of business that includes all receivables—premiums and claims deductibles
    • View a billing summary on the front page with answers to frequent customer questions
    • Scalable with support for high-volume processing at high speed—700,000+ invoices per hour

    Our billing software will help you improve operations by giving your customers more payment plan and type options and simplifying your receivables.

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    Duck Creek Claims gives everyone involved in claim processing access to the same file and information.

    • Integrated collaboration tools support all of your communication needs
    • Go digital with our Mobile Field Adjuster and FNOL Anywhere apps to streamline claims handling and make loss reporting seamless
    • Dynamic workflow and push notifications alert claim processors to critical information and changing priorities
    • Robust software capable of handling 17,000+ concurrent users and processing more than 4,000 claims per hour

    Whether it is speed, accuracy or customer satisfaction, our claims software delivers the results your business demands.