Faster time to market via modern architecture

Through pre-integration and codeless configuration, Duck Creek customers can realize the benefits of transforming their core systems — policy, billing, claims, and rating — in months rather than years.

Business users will appreciate the common look and feel shared across Duck Creek’s complement of solutions, the ease of data movement, rapid creation, testing and rollout of new products, and a complete view of customers and relationships.

IT will appreciate lower system integration costs, a single technology stack and source of support, the ease of maintaining modern tech and the ability to implement Duck Creek in the cloud.

Duck Creek’s technology serves as a crucial vehicle for driving sustainable business improvement for property and casualty insurers:

  • Enabling quick adoption to a changing market via externalized rules for business-driven changes; facilitates assignment, process and organizational agility; and promotes test-and-learn behaviors.
  • Supporting data-driven decision making through integrated data, world-class analytics, real-time reporting, and predictive modeling.
  • Providing exceptional customer experiences through a single integrated Customer/Party File, and customer-centric processing and attributes.

Future-ready technology — from top to bottom — in a single stack

At the heart of Duck Creek’s future-ready architecture resides the application server, built on a service-oriented architecture, running on the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET framework, powering Duck Creek’s policy, billing, and claims applications. This architecture includes Duck Creek Anywhere, an extensive web API, which provides programmatic access to all the core capabilities of the Duck Creek Suite via REST and/or XML RPC services. It can easily be consumed to build customized user interfaces, mobile applications, or to plug into the carrier’s existing integration framework.

The presentation layer or user interface, which agents and call center representatives interact with, leverages the power of HTML5 and the single-page application architecture to provide industry-leading user interactions, whether via a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Duck Creek’s data server leverages Microsoft SQL Server. The Duck Creek reporting platform leverages Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

Our future-ready architecture accelerates implementation times and reduces the burden on IT for product development, upgrades and maintenance, which reduces time to market, and increases self-sufficiency and the flexibility of Duck Creek’s solutions.

Our proven technology platform has been performance tested and tuned to meet the scale and volumes of the world’s largest carriers.

Duck Creek On-Demand, our cloud implementation, further reduces upfront hardware expenditures and turns IT costs into a fixed expense, helping customers realize business benefits even faster than an on premises implementation.