As a Zurich Global Gold Award Winner and Efma-Accenture Global Silver Award Winner, Safekeep uses machine learning to maximize net recovery through its Claim Profitability Platform, enhancing the claims experience for insurers and policyholders alike.

Safekeep has partnered with global top-tier commercial lines carriers and insurtechs across all segments and lines of business. Safekeep leverages proprietary machine learning models as well as patented semantic search capable Natural Language Processing, Entity Resolution, and statutory rules-based automation to ingest claims files and drive profitability. Safekeep identifies the true extent of subrogable opportunity, automates the end-to-end recovery workflow, and increases dollar net recoveries, thereby reducing costs and improving loss-ratios. Safekeep is also able to pursue recoveries on a carrier’s behalf. For these carriers, we are able to charge on a contingency basis

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  • Entity extraction on relevant facts of key documents such as police reports.
  • Entity resolution to deduke claim data to arrive at a single view of insured
  • Early detection of total salvage
  • Predict dollar recovery potential and expenses
  • Execute and manage over 4,000 regulatory rules curated and automated out-of-the box.
  • Configure special handling rules specific to commercial policyholders who want to execute exceptions to subrogations rules.
  • Process claim notes to automatically detect claimants, medical providers, liable third parties, attorneys, injury types, and causes of loss.
  • Ingest both unstructured and structured data in batch (SFTP) or real time via APIs.
  • Each of our team members come from the insurance industry and have deep expertise in data science, lean six sigma, and subrogation
  • Among over 1,350 companies, Safekeep was selected by Zurich as the Gold Winner in their Innovation Championship