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SPLICE (Billing and Policy)


This package contains an extension [customer server object] to Duck Creek Policy that provides integration with SPLICE’s dialog service. The request included in the package can be configured to work with any policy type.


More about SPLICE and Duck Creek

Dependencies for Package

The following tools and packages are required for correct implementation of the package.

Tools Needed to Complete the Package Installation

The following tools are needed to complete the package installation:

  • Visual Studio


Assumes the following are installed:

  • TransACT
  • Duck Creek Billing

To use this package, you must also have the Due Accounts Custom Request Content Exchange package.

To use this package, you must also have a SPLICE Subscription.

Installing the Package

After you are granted access to the Content Exchange packages you requested, use the Content Exchange Package Utility to install the package. This utility can be run on the server or on your local machine.

To install a package:

  1. Download and install the Content Exchange Package Utility
  2. Once installed, open the utility and use it to install or unzip your downloaded packages. Learn more about using this utility.
    Some packages are completely installed by the Content Exchange Package Utility while others still require some manual steps. The documentation provided with each package includes any manual steps required to successfully install that package.
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