Keynote: Mother Nature’s worst and the importance of leadership for bouncing back strongerShane Fitzsimmons AO AFSM, is the former Commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Resilience NSW and is currently the Board Chair of Youth Insearch Foundation. Recently, he led the response and recovery efforts for some of NSW’s most devastating and costly disasters, including the 2019/20 bushfire season and 2022 floods.

He has first-hand experience of the worst that Mother Nature can throw at humanity and responded with an unwavering level of dedication and leadership.

We are privileged to have Shane deliver the Duck Talk APAC 2023 keynote where he will discuss the power of good leadership in times of crisis, the immediate and lingering effects a crisis can have on individuals and communities, and the role insurers can play in helping policy holders bounce back stronger.
Unlocking the Full Value of Data:
Using AI to deliver next-level resilience
Insurers have a myriad of data points at their disposal, and when used effectively and creatively, this data can help them better prepare for, or respond to, claims events. But with so much data out there, and new data being generated all the time, how can insurers effectively get the most value out of it?

Swiss Re shares insights into the power and potential of AI and machine learning to improve insurer resilience – including its trajectory, trends and applications throughout the value chain; and the pivotal challenges entailed in shaping an effective AI strategy. They’ll show practical examples of how insurers have used AI on advanced datasets and imagery to enhance risk understanding and drastically improve claims processes.
Empowering APAC Insurers:
Duck Creek’s product roadmap

Duck Creek’s employs an aggressive strategy of product updates to keep our platform evergreen and customers driving change and improving outcomes.
Duck Creek’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Jess Keeney, and Director of International Product, Ella Jurotte, dissect the global product strategy and roadmap before delving into the latest functionality and soon-to-be-released updates specifically for the APAC market.

Building Resilience Together:
Duck Creek’s commitment to your sustainable success

At Duck Creek, our customers are our north star and we’re only as successful as they are. Whilst our solutions are designed to empower and enable our customers’ vision, we also take it as our responsibility to help drive their success through service and support, from sales through to delivery and beyond.

In this panel discussion, Duck Creek’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris McCloskey, and Chief Revenue Officer, Rohit Bedi, discuss the commitments and investments being made to help improve our customer’s resilience, sustainability, results and ultimate success.

War-gaming Disasters: Military strategy + tech + human connections to build community resilienceDisaster Relief Australia, a non-profit made up of Defence Force veterans, emergency responders and civilians, provide crucial, military-like disaster recovery and mitigation services.

Their pioneering Big Maps service uses aerial surveillance, combined with in-person interviews and feet on the ground research, to produce 20 x 10m fabric maps, allowing them to ‘walk’ communities through past and potential disasters. These maps are left with the community so they can develop resilience strategies.

DRA shows how a humanised experience, balancing old-school, cutting-edge and Defence-grade data and techniques, can be used to engage communities and empower them to create their own resilience.
The Partner Pitches
For something a little different, a selection of Duck Creek’s partners give you their fast-paced pitch, one after the other, on how they’re helping, or have helped, their customers mitigate risk and become more resilient.

Unshackling Insurers: How to maximise agility in response to increased volatilityThe insurance landscape has never been more volatile. But for many insurers, their on-prem legacy systems are the biggest blockers to their agility and ability to respond to, or pre-empt, change.

Duck Creek OnDemand unshackles insurers – continuously delivering new functionality to solve their ever-changing challenges, and with no associated on-prem or maintenance costs or disruptions.

We show you how insurers are maximising OnDemand to power a new approach to insurance delivery that’s agile, responsive and outcome focused, rather than investment-restricted.
Navigating Disasters with Duck Creek:
Creating better customer outcomes throughout the policy lifecycle

Mitigation and resilience are great in theory – but how realistic is it to deliver these practically and profitably throughout the policy lifecycle?
Duck Creek’s Director – Customer Success (APAC) Anna Cattelan and Senior Director of International Solution Consulting, Johan Nelis, walk you through a customer’s policy lifecycle that’s disrupted by a significant disaster event. They will show how practical it really is to mitigate risk and create more resilient customers when using Duck Creek solutions.

The Insurer Panel
Moderated by CEO Mike Jackowski, a panel of insurers discuss the challenging new environment and how they’re working to mitigate risk and increase resilience for their policy holders and their business.

*Admission to this event is limited to employees and representatives of Duck Creek customers, prospects and other insurers, insurance distributors (e.g. brokers and underwriting agencies), event sponsors, industry media and associations, and other individuals invited by Duck Creek at our discretion. Registrants from organisations that fall outside these categories (such as delivery partners, solution partners or consultants) may have their registration cancelled at the sole discretion of Duck Creek.