Lori Hannay

Chief Human Resources Officer

Lori is Duck Creek’s chief HR officer and responsible for developing programs and policies that align operations with business strategies, and enable the company to achieve increased productivity, performance, revenue and cost savings.

Before joining Duck Creek, she was managing director and chief human resources officer for Interactive Data Corp., where she was tasked with implementing a state-of-the-art global human resource function and was responsible for supporting more than 2,500 employees in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia-Pacific. She also was a key player in transitioning the company through two ownership changes.

As vice president of HR for TRC, she led an enterprise-wide effort to unify and reorganize 70 offices and more than 2,400 employees into a common operational framework. In this role, Lori enhanced development programs and encouraged staff participation in certification, licensing and personal growth initiatives.

With experience in complex multi-national organizations, Lori is well versed in providing strategic guidance regarding HR concerns and opportunities for diverse groups of employees.