Julien Victor

Managing Director, Reinsurance Management

As Managing Director for Reinsurance, Julien leads the expansion of Duck Creek solutions in the reinsurance space for cedants, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers. He also manages the Compliance offering of Duck Creek in the European markets to address Solvency 2 requirements.

For the past 25 years, Julien has successfully developed and implemented the reinsurance offering of Effisoft (WebXL product), as the CEO of the company, which was eventually sold to Prima Solutions and renamed Prima XL. Before joining Effisoft, Julien was a Junior Marine Underwriter on the London market, as well as a consultant for Deloitte. He joins Duck Creek as Managing Director, following the company’s acquisition of Prima XL in July 2022.

Previously as CEO of Prima, Julien managed continuous growth of the reinsurance management product addressing carriers’ needs to manage complex and emerging risks, financial security, regulation requirements, and the need to use reinsurance for risk-sharing mechanisms within large insurance entities. Julien has been directly involved in the implementation of full-scale reinsurance software for more than 60 insurance or reinsurance companies in more than 20 countries and has developed a comprehensive view of the needs of the market.

Julien holds a Computer Science degree from Dauphine University (Paris) and a master’s degree from the ESSEC Business School.

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