Cloud Choice

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Cloud Choice

While being ready for the cloud is important, your technology decisions need to add value today and down the road.  Whether you choose to run the Duck Creek Platform within your datacenter or with Duck Creek OnDemand fully managed services, its portability and cloud flexibility ensure its value no matter where you run it in the future.

The Power of Cloud Choice

Duck Creek OnDemand

Get to market quickly, and without the frustration and cost of maintenance, security, upgrades, data updates, and critical integrations. Duck Creek OnDemand lets you focus on building new, creative products and strategies, not on the systems that run them.

Content Without Risk

The architecture of the Duck Creek Platform allows multiple layers of client and industry content to cohabitate in a single environment. Preserve your configuration – whether ISO, NAIS, or NCCI circulars – and benefit from continuous updates while preserving all of your business logic.


Changing strategies shouldn’t mean changing systems.  With the Duck Creek Platform, you can easily migrate to alternative data center or cloud locations – without losing valuable customizations.

Cloud Ecosystem

Inter-operate with diverse cloud services and environments like AWS and MS Azure. With dozens of integrated services and a rich API set, the Duck Creek Platform can serve as a bridge to your cloud infrastructure of the future.

The integration of Duck Creek’s technology is strategic, because it allows our customers to maintain the user interface they are comfortable with while enhancing back-end performance with a headless and efficient configuration.

Tony Paris
Vice President & CIO | Pioneer State Mutual Insurance
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